Faster, Higher, Stronger - Together

These four words are the new Olympic motto. But how does someone get Faster, Higher, Stronger, no matter what in their life they are training for? Becoming an Olympian takes diligent training, expert knowledge in sport science, psychology and physiology, and a relentless pursuit of excellence that most of us never are privileged enough to gain insight into. Join Scott Gow in this course as he teaches you the steps to achieving excellence in your life. If excellence is your goal, this course will facilitate your journey and enhance your life.

There are no substitutes for knowledge and expertise when it comes to improving our lives

Competing in two Olympic Games in this incredibly gruelling sport necessitated Scott becoming an expert in understanding his body and mind, and how he could maximize his performance on demand.

This course shares the principles Scott adopted to overcome the obstacles we all encounter in our lives, as well as how to develop a growth mindset so you can continue to progress towards your goals.

Scott's knowledge is drawn from the lifetimes of experiences of coaches, sport scientists, teammates, mentors, and international competitors.

Whatever you are training for, take this opportunity to learn directly from an Olympian. How many people get the opportunity to do that?

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Scott Gow

Scott is a two-time Olympian, a World Championship bronze medalist and 11-year veteran of Biathlon Canada's National Team. Scott has a number of athletic achievements to his name, most notably a World Championships bronze, Olympic 5th place, four-time Canada Winter Games gold medalist, numerous Senior and Junior National Championship titles, 2020 and 2022 Biathlon Canada Male Athlete of the Year, 2022 Alberta Male athlete of the Year, and 2016 Alberta Sport Connection Team of the Year.

 Scott retired from competition in April 2022 and is currently finishing his degree in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary with aspirations of becoming a doctor.

Scott maintains an active lifestyle and enjoys skiing, ski touring, mountain biking, running and strength training. 

 He continues to work and volunteer within the biathlon community and actively supports young athletes within the sport and its next generation of National Team and Olympic alumni.